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Turns out I’m not half bad at making words.

I wrote this essay for my Writing 121 class at RCC. It got an A-. The version I am posting here is slightly edited from the version I submitted to the teacher, though I only made small proofreading edits.

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Employment Pending

hello, blogosphere. (that’s a funny word)

I few days ago I got a call from a local employer asking me if I wanted to return to the seasonal position I held last year answering customer service emails. Due to my broke-assed-ness the obvious choice was to take the job.

Interestingly enough I had actually applied for a job in their shipping department this year, but had forgotten a crucial piece of information on the application. My phone number. But since-apparently-keeping records is a big deal to multi-million dollar companies they had me on file from last year.

I start a brief re-training course next early month which lasts about 9 days, yet is spread across 3 weeks… yeah. Although it works since winter vacation starts December 11th so I’ll be able to work full time during most of December.

I fully plan on wasting all of the money I earn on a brand new computer, since my current gaming desktop can no longer play modern games at a decent speed.

Zune HD Availible for Pre-order

It’s official. Microsoft’s latest entry to the Zune media player line is now available for pre-order.

To be released on September 15 for $220 and $290, for the 16GB or 23GB model respectively, the Zune HD features:

  • a 3.3 inch glass OLED multitouch screen at 480×272 (16:9)
  • 720p video out (requires an AV dock, sold separately)
  • WiFi for wireless syncing, web browsing and music store
  • HD radio

I don’t have the money to afford one right now, but once I do I’ll definitely be picking one up.

[Newegg pre-order] [Zune HD]